“If you are your own brand then your wardrobe is your logo.” — Darcey Howard

Created by Darcey Howard, Personal Branding Through Appearance© (PBTA) is more than a process, it is a philosophy. It is aimed at providing individuals with the tools they need to bridge the gap between how they feel and how they look. It is also more than wardrobe management and personal style development – it is originality, authenticity and ownership of how you look in conjunction with who you are communicating those attributes to.

Based on the principles of branding, PBTA is comprised of six learning modules specifically designed to help even the most linear thinkers embrace and utilize an essentially visual concept. By imparting simple guidelines for incorporating style and color, it can guide corporate teams, individuals and entrepreneurs through identifying the link between their personal brand attributes how to communicate them to their intended audience.

In a corporate setting, PBTA is designed to drive motivation through brand talent and awareness. By allowing individuals the ability to grow, develop and realize their fullest potential within their own personal brand, they can then understand how it relates to the brand that they support. The result: a greater sense of ownership in how they can visually represent the brand that they work for.

For business leaders, entrepreneurs and media spokespeople, PBTA is the visual link between what you are asking your audience to perceive from you in correlation to how you are delivering it. You can’t tell your audience that you are a creative, resourceful expert in your field when everything about you denotes a message of unremarkable and unprepared. Or even worse, sending the wrong visual message of severe, harsh and unapproachable when you are asking for their time, confidence and money.