Brand Curator | Speaker | Founder: Personal Branding Through Appearance©

Possessing a rare skill for creating linear solutions to creative concepts, Darcey Howard is more than just a right-brain/left-brain freak-of-nature. She has a nearly 20-year success record in building global brands such as Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Starbucks, United Way and Uniform Project. She brings to the table a unique and well-rounded background in areas such as corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, brand strategy, business ownership, and entrepreneurism.

Named “Entrepreneuress” of the Year by Seattle’s business community for her contributions to other business owners and start-ups, Darcey has been a business owner for nearly a decade and an entrepreneur her entire life. She started her first business at age 8, selling handmade Barbie doll furniture to her immediate social circle, which led to larger ventures. Fast forward to the launch of LifeStyled Ltd in 2003, which was based on the success of the “Personal Branding Through Appearance™” program, an approach to wardrobe management and personal brand development based on the principles of branding.

As an advisor to small businesses and start-ups on brand strategies and Corporate Citizenship platforms, Darcey launched the Solo-Preneur Success Program and was tapped by The Uniform Project to be their Advising CEO and assess viability for Venture Capital Funding. Hers is the voice of authority when speaking on corporate citizenship, social change, women’s initiatives, and personal and corporate branding. Her work and success has been chronicled in The New York Times, Forbes, TIME, and AOL Online. She is also a regularly featured keynote speaker at IBM, the SBA, MORE magazine Re-invention Convention, Staples, BDO Seidmans, T-Mobile, and on her DVD “The Essential Guide”.

"Contagious" and "infectious" become positive adjectives when used to describe Darcey Howard’s energy, how she gets things done and her commitment to creating elegant solutions through strategic process development. Oh, and she can also leap small buildings in a single bound. 

Darcey currently resides in New York City and works from her office in Manhattan.